The proud, the few

One of the other things which my brothers brought with them when they popped across the ditch for my wedding (and god bless them for bringing it too!!) was my promised and much anticipated Christmas present, in the form of a beige brigade jersey. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this venerable institution, it is basically NZ’s answer to the Barmy Army, a group of kiwis who get together at sporting fixtures (most specifically cricket, but they’re not picky) all over the globe to provide raucous, playful and good natured support for all New Zealand teams, and they wear, as a matter of preference, the uniform of the New Zealand Cricket Team from the Mid 80’s (a fawn and brown creation). Look out for photos at some point in the future of me in my “rug” at outings and sporting events, and always remember the beige motto: