The cat in the hat

Today has been an excellent day. Having been paid for the first time earlier this week, and having cleared all my immediately important bills, I decided to do some shopping.
First I found a bottle shop which sells Monteith’s Summer ale, which is a spectacularly good New Zealand beer, and so I bought a dozen (which true to Simone’s predictions at the time of purchase is almost certainly not going to be enough).
Then on into the city where I bought a fedora style hat, on the principle that I have long wanted one, and I should buy something lasting and memorable with my first pay packet. I’m eagerly looking forward to having an opportunity to wear it somewhere, and when I get a good photo of me in it I’ll post it on the site.
Then, after weeks of discussion and anticipation we took a trip out to the RSPCA and found a new family member, namely Jack, a 9 week old male tabby cat with enormous paws. Much more will no doubt be said about Jack on this blog as he become part of the family.