The concept of winter

I found it interesting the other day driving through brisbane and seeing several billboards advertising winter fashion collections for various places.

Whoever the advertising companies were that did those campaigns, their staff obviously never venture outside (or are never allowed outside, or are all gimps, or something), because the billboards sported pictures of beautiful women wrapped up in heavy coats and fake furs, all happily frolicking in snow under wintery gray skies.

Now I don’t recall when we last had genuinely winterish gray skies for more than an hour here, let alone when the last time it snowed in Brisbane (if it ever has…), and as for wrapping up in jackets and furs, well, it’s fine if you’re trying to loose weight in one of those bizarre “You can sweat yourself thin!!!” infomercial schemes, but otherwise generally a little superfluous.

Just another example of consumerism gone mad, when the concept of what winter should be takes precident over what winter actually is.