Japan, it’s this whole other country, dontcha know.

So greetings from a whole other country.

We have an overnight stopover here before continuing on to Rome tomorrow. Since we landed pretty much everything has been amusing me and confusing Simone. I’ve been chuckling and grinning as though I’m quite derranged. There was a truck when we were leaving the airport that had an emblem that appeared to be a stylised cat carrying a kitten. For the life of me I couldn’t what airport related industry that could represent (pet relocations maybe?).

At the hotel the toilet had an instruction manual and the ironing board had a power cord (and we have been debating whether it is in fact some kind of clothes press).

We watched a bit of Japanese TV, including a bit of manga (and yes, it is as confusing in Japanese as it is in English), a show that appeared to revolve around food associated with trains and trams, and a channel that appeared to be mostly ads (which are as bizarre and funny as they are always reported to be, even with the language barrier). we watched Sesame Street in Japanese, and a bit of some apparent real life pokemon spin-off, which in true Japanese style involved a lot of physical challenge type tasks.

Other than that we had dinner, I had some sake (when in Rome… wait, that’s tomorrow) which I have always enjoyed since I first had it many years ago in a restaurant in Dunedin, and passed out.

More big flying tomorrow.