Abusive relationship

This afternoon Simone and I both got kicked for the first time by our child. Everyone has been saying that it should be about now, although often the first one doesn’t start until a little later than average, so Simone’s been doing a bit of “Ooh, that might have been a kick (or I might just have indigestion)” for a few weeks, but today while she was lying down she got a definite kick, and when I put my hand in the appropriate spot I too got a good firm thump for my efforts.

It’ becoming harder and harder to deny that we’re going to be parents.

One thought on “Abusive relationship”

  1. Well having gotten away with it once our baby now seems to think it can kick us whenever it likes, with absolute impunity.
    This morning it had another go and I got about 3 kicks in quite quick succession.
    If it keeps this up I might have to start having stern words about respecting thy father and thy mother…

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