Another thing I have experienced since returning to Brisbane, which I don’t specifically recall experiencing previously, is a disquieting sense of incredulity when I see passenger airliners flying overhead. I small part of the back of my brain has taken to piping up and whispering quietly “You know that what you’re looking at is a couple of tons of aluminium and gadgetry hanging in the air supported by nothing but a bit of gas. Surely it can’t really be doing that can it?”

Now I have a good (rudimentary) understanding of the pressure dynamics that cause a certain curved shape wing to produce an upward lifting force, but I am still experiencing this non-transient disbelief.

One of my bosses suggested that you started to think about things and experience doubt about the details involved more as you got older. Whether this was due to becoming more sceptical as you got older, or just some neurodegenerative condition they didn’t venture an opinion.

Whatever the cause, I really would be happier reverting to my previously certain state.