Dave’s Privacy Policy

Some people (myself included) get understandably cautious about giving out personal details to other people over the internet.

My privacy policy is pretty simple:

  • If you are registered I will almost certainly know you already.
  • I will probably have your email address already, since while I am lousy at keeping in touch, I do like to keep my friends’ email addressed so that I can send them stuff.
  • You are not obliged to provide your primary email address, or even one that you will ever use again (set up a single use hotmail account if you are really paranoid). You just have to be able to check it at least once to get your password.
  • Likewise the Name you choose can be absolutely anything. If you want to login as KingOfThePotatoPeople that’s cool with me.
  • Once you get your password you can click on the “Site admin” link and change your password to anything you like.
  • Passwords are stored in an encrypted fashion within a password protected database file, and while as adminstrator I can assign you a new password if needed, I cannot ever see what your password actually is.
  • That said you should probably use a different password from your anything you use regularly elsewhere, simply as a matter of good data security.
  • I will never divulge your email address or login user name to anyone. I have no need to. And the data is stored on my server in a sufficiently secure manner to satisfy my paranoia.
  • There. Simple really.