Fathers’ day

I was working overnight on the night before fathers’ day, and came home to find Simone asleep and Jack on the bed with a card in front of him.

Curious, I opened it, and found this: 1157

and inside was written this: 1159

My first fathers’ day card!

It was a lovely sentiment, and Jack sure has good handwriting given that he lacks opposible thumbs.

Place your orders

Well a year and some after the event, I have finally finished editing the DVD of our wedding.

Although I will pretty much be automatically sending copies to first degree relatives and bridal party members, if anyone else out there would like a copy (so that you can once again laugh at my singing, the speaches, and the “you may kiss the bride” veil mishap) just drop me an email and I’ll send you out a copy.

Geographic nomenclature

The other night I was musing with one of the other interns about the names of young patients we had been seeing, and the following question formed in my mind:

Why is it that there are so many kids around today (the parents of whom should have been given a good slapping) with names like Dakota (or Dakoda or Dekoda or…) or Montana, or Dallas?

Additionally why is it that Australian parent see fit to name after American geography, and yet you never see kids named Tasmania, or Adelaide, or Canberra? Canberra’s a nice name for a girl don’t you think?


The power of addiction

I have a problem.

I don’t sleep. I belay eating. I forgo important domestic and feline upkeep duties.

Instead, I stare fixedly as I impulsively watch episode after episode of the West Wing.

It’s starting to border on the ridiculous. It seems as though it is impossible to only watch one episode. As soon as one finishes I have to start the next one, until I have watched half a season in 2 days (while still managing to put in 10 hours work as well).
And the irritating thing is that with nothing else to do in Nambour, Simone is watching episodes even faster than I am, and so she is both ahead of me (which for reasons of general stupidity annoys my sense of competitiveness), and also keeps on buying new seasons, which means that this is only going to end when either I develop the will power to stop myself watching (and I think we all know that’s not likely to happen any time soon) or we reach the end of the series, in about 3 seasons time.

In the interim I don’t really need sleep do I…