Timetable constraints

This morning over breakfast I came to a realisation that with my birthday tomorrow I had very little time in which to achieve all those things I had said I was going to do before I was thirty.

Running a marathon, as well as killing me, would probably also preclude me undertaking any of the other tasks…

Getting elected to Parliament could be a little tricky, given the lack of an impending election.

Making my first million would certainly take some effort, especially given the current economic climate, and

Taking over the world (or even just a continent) would require substantial enlargement of my secret lair, and some serious overtime by the guys in the “weather machine” and “giant death ray” divisions. That said, the mind control section reports excellent progress, so perhaps not all is lost. They’ve still got nine hours to get the last glitches ironed out…

Ah, the Apocalypse (I always thought I’d have a hand in it)

(With appropriate acknowledgements to Prof. H. Farnsworth)

I recently came across an interesting interview on a Canadian radio science show, where a group of scientists shared their visions of how the world might end.

You can hear the interview here. Interesting stuff, but not a Zombie scenario anywhere, which makes me wonder what kind of serious “Scientists” they thing they are…

Story time

For the last couple of weeks I have been sitting and waiting impatiently as the pages of the Penny Arcade Prince of Persia storybook are drip fed to my awaiting impatience.

The story is now complete, and all I have to do is figure if there’s some way to get a copy of the book (preferably without having to buy the game as well, since I don’t have any time to play it), because it’s such a cleverly subtle epic tale. I really did enjoy it a lot…


Just a brief something to wish everyone out there a merry Christmas, wherever you may be. We are having a family Christmas at home, with Simone’s parents up as well.

Charlotte has (perhaps predictably) ended up with a rather enormous pile of presents and initially at least was also predictably more interested in the wrapping paper that the contents. Later on however she started getting into playing with things. Her favorite thing seems to be the ride on train toy she got from Mummy, although the shiny green ball that she pulled off the Christmas tree is running a very close second.

Anyway, something I found last night, for your amusement, is the story of Christmas in 30 seconds:

Background explanatory story here.

Stocking stuffers

In a last minute rush to find those last few christmas presents for those difficult to buy for (generally male) relatives? Wanting something a little special for the kids’ christmas stocking? Looking for a little festive season treat for yourself? How about a Space Shuttle? One owner from new. Meticulous service record. Careful, highly trained and closely monitored drivers only. Only US$42M. Practically a steal really.

Failing that I’m sure a nephew or brother would love a second hand Submarine! At only AU$4.9M even those limited to paper round pay cheques can afford this one, and will be launching their friends out of torpedo tubes in next to no time.