Well it seems that I am mellowing.

No longer does every post involve a tirade cast down from my pulpit about some injustice or societal absurdity.

Now I just talk about things my baby is doing, and the innane day to day happenings of my life, so…

To conincide with me updating some of the background software which runs my blog I have re-branded this little corner of the web as “Three Ring Circus” with a few color changes and everything!

The newer version of the photo embedding addon also seems to work again (the old version had stopped wroking for some reason), so instead of just pointing you in the direction of my photo galleries I will hopefully be able to put more pics directly into my posts.

Anyway. We’ll see how the new layout and system works over the coming few months.

Religious rant

It’s been a while since I’ve got on this particular high horse, but I must say that you have to be concerned when a church is willing to all but split in two over the prospect of a woman becoming a bishop.

They make up 50% of the population, and are at least as smart as their male counterparts (and in many cases more so), and in the absence of a really convincing burning bush suggesting that they should stay home the whole thing makes the male hierarchy of the chuch seem like asses.

Only god knows what they’d do if they got sick and had to put their lives in the hands of a female doctor, or their freedom in the hands of a female lawyer, or their freedom to worship in the hands of a female lead government…

Good night out

In a rather amusing little story I read, a 78 year old Swedish guy went out in Denmark, got tanked, and decided to row home.

Sound like something befitting an undergraduate college night out, but ended with him being picked up by the police after he fell asleep in the boat, half way home, in the middle of a very busy shipping lane.