I have a Nintendo Wii, and so far I have been a little frustrated by the variety of games available, but perhaps the tide is starting to turn.

I intend to acquire Super mario galaxy and Simsons game, to compliment Hit and run from the gamecube.

Recently I also saw that a game called Destroy all Humans that had previously been available only for playstation has come out in it’s latest iteration for the Wii as well, and I’m keen to try it out.

And today I also ready that the new Wii specific version of Mario Kart has been released, and there is a Wii version of Mario golf in the works as well.

Happy happy joy joy.

Hail to the King Baby

A while back I watched a little doco on the town of Parkes in New South Wales, and it’s annual Elvis  festival. Now the Doco was a pretty mediocre thing, but I rather liked the festival notion, and given that I’ve wanted to go to Parkes for a while anyway (its home of one of Australia’s largest radio telescopes, made famous by the movie “The Dish”) I though that a road trip to see both things might have to be on the cards at some point.

Anyway. The festival is on again and if you believe the locals, Elvis lives in Parkes.

(And a little note to any members of the Bells who are reading this, I reckon we should do this as a Bells Camp in a year or two…)

Knockin’ my balls around

On the weekend Simone and I took a trip out to the local driving range and hit a few golf balls around.

Now I’ve never actually played golf properly, and my previous experience involves a lot of mini golf, a lot of Mario golf, and one prior trip to a driving range (with some high school mates, were the twofold aims were hit it further than the guy who went before you and try to hit the buggy going around collecting up the balls).

So I was surprised that I managed to put in not too bad a showing, and found myself rather enjoying the whole thing, especially once I figured that I was much less likely to slice the ball off on some wild angle with the 5 iron than I was with the driver. The only thing I didn’t try out was seeing how far I could get the ball to go with a wild swing from the putter (a little something I can try out next time maybe).

Perhaps when it cools down a bit again and I can bear to be out doors for more than 30 minutes at a go I could take some lessons to see if I like the other bits of the game as well.


While the orb may not reveal its shadowy secrets to me, nor the tea-leaves provide me with predictive insights, I do now posess the power to predict the future.

This is because for our Beer and Pizza anniversary Simone got me a Magic eight ball, and my experience so far this year (we also have one in ED) the magic eight ball never lies to me.

Now if only I can figure out how to use it to predict the lotto numbers…

Golf day

Over easter Simone and I went down to Canberra to visit our best people (my best man and best friend James and his cool wife Chantelle, and Simone’s matron of honour Tash (best woman would be a perfectly accurate term, but sounds a little odd somehow), and her great husband Dave (bloody Dave’s. Far to many of ’em. Bloody everywhere they are)).

It was superbly good to get away, and even better to spend the time with such great friends.

And on the monday we had a golf day.

Now apart from Simone, I don’t think that any of us have done much more than watch golf on TV, but I must explain that we had a really good time none the less.

In the morning we had a lazy sleep in and went for a bit of a walk around the neighborhood after coffee at a local bar. Then we went and played a quick 18 at the local minigolf course, after which we had take-away-lunch-of-your-choice, topped off with easter eggs, and spent the remainder of the afternoon playing 4 player “Mario Golf: Toadstool tour” on James and Chantelle’s Nintendo gamecube.

It was so much fun that since arriving home I have been forced to go out and buy a gamecube and Mario Golf, so that Simone and I can continue the fun.

As if we didn’t have enough to do with our time as it was…. 🙂