Somehow I managed to completely miss today’s share market plunge until quite late this evening.

ASX down (another) 8%.

Dow at 8.5k

And the aussie dollar having lost 40% of it’s value against the green back in the last month.

What comes to mind is the old Toyota ads, with liberal quanitites of “Bugger”. All quite highly worrying really. Inflation seems stable, and interest rates are on the way down, but still quite unsettling (and I’m in the enviable position of having pretty minimal exposure to the share market at present…).

The sun… It burns!!

Today I started my Medicine rotation.

Now as you will all be well aware, I have about as much love of internal medicine as I do for being locked in a tank full of scorpions while having my eyes poked out with forks.

Ever since I lost 8 weeks of my life to my Medicine rotation during medical school, where I didn’t feel I was actively taught anything, was left with the distinct feeling that my consultant personally disliked me, and was almost failed* (a fact unrelated to the consultant’s dislike of me) I have disliked medicine. Other people find it intellectually fascinating, but I can’t help feel that the interesting academic side of medicine has relatively little relationship to the depressing reality of the clinical work (but that’s probably just my surgeon mentality coming out).
So by and large I have not been looking forward to having to do 10 weeks of medicine as part of my internship, but so far I haven’t found it that bad.

Because the physicians generally don’t work as long hours as the surgeons do (and it’s probably best if you dont ask my opinion of why that may be) , I am finally finding myself with time to do the other things I have been meaning to do now that finance isn’t such a constraint, such as going to the optometrist, getting my car cleaned and serviced, and getting medical and dental checkups (I don’t even want to think about how long it has been since I last went to the dentist for something non-urgent).

I am also discovering something about the world that I had forgotten about. When I leave the hospital in the afternoon there is this big yellow think in the sky. I can’t recall what it is called, but it feels pleasant and warm. I know I must have seen it somewhere before, but I can’t put my finger on where, or how long ago…

*Two of the three patient’s I was asked to examine had conditions I had never seen before, and had not recieved any teaching on during my medical term. In my mind the exam hardly fulfilled the stated assment aim of gauging my understanding of diagnosis and management of common medical conditions. I still assert that the main reason that they passed me in the end was that it would just be too much hassle for them to go through the paperwork to actually fail me. While ultimately my other terms (GP, ED) proved that my diagnostic and management abilities were actually not that bad.

Welcome to 10 hour days

I’ve started into my surgery rotation, and while I’m enjoying getting to get into theatre a lot and do a fair bit of hands on stuff, both in theatre and on the ward, I’m already a little sick of the fact that because of the way my team functions (or dysfunctions as the case may be) I am basically doing minimum 10 hours each day.

This is good for my credit card repayments, but bad for just about every other aspect of my life.

The Time-Money disequilibrium

It would appear that I am finally at the pivotal turning point in the much grumbled about time-money disequilibrium.

I have a job offer from Logan, and so I am about to transition from having a fair ammount of discretionary time (between lectures etc) and relatively little discretionary money, to having income, but comparatively little time in which to enjoy spending it. In the interim I seem to be adopting something a a foolish halfway mindset whereby I am spending far more money in a discretionary fashion than I traditionally have, and certainly more than I probably should, while still living the low income low cares high galavanting lifestyle.

I am not really looking forward to when this situation comes to a rather abrupt end, at the hands of undeniable and inescapable fiscal realities.