Daddy daughter day

Today Simone is off doing some surgical assisting, and so thanks to a few bottles of pre-emptively expressed milk and a minute-to-minute timetable for me to adhere to (already Charlotte is lamenting having been born to two type A personality organisation freak parents) we get to have our first proper day together alone.

Admittedly due to her love of sleeping, and feeding, and sleeping some more, it’s not exactly high adventures at the Ramsay house, but still, it’s nice.

Social butterfly

Charlotte is now a few days over a month old and now thinks she should be allowed to expand her social circle.

So she went out to dinner with a few of our friends.

And did lunch at a local italian restaurant with the parentals.

And had a friend over for a play date (our friends Tim and Renee had a little boy a day after Charlotte).

And have taken the Rolls out with the chauffeurs for a day touring the coffee plantations and vineyards (ie we took a day trip to the Atherton tablelands).

Next week it’s champaign cocktails before the Gala ball…. (And her designer dress is just divine don’t you know).

Wow, Vista REALLY sucks..

I’ve just been involved trying to do some stuff on a computer running vista, and even after everything I’ve read, I was still quite startled how completely hopeless it was.

It’s slow. I mean really really slow. I think there may have been another system task running in the background, but I still managed to get the graphics to stutter while playing solitaire.

It asks me to confirm almost everything I try to do. After the fifth “Windows needs to check whether you really want to do what you’ve just asked it to do” dialog box in as many minutes I began to move from finding it comical to just outright irritating.

It arrived with absolutely tons of bloatware and trialware, which I suppose I can at least in part blame the hardware vendor for, but it was still an annoyance in that it took windows ages to uninstall it all.

It remains difficult or impossible to do even simple things (like resizing a photo to be a desktop wallpaper without having it stretched so the people in it look short and fat…).

And as advertised by so many other tech blogs, it just doesn’t work with other company’s software. I won’t even start with the fun I’ve had already in this department.

Suffice it to say that if you’ve got XP, for god’s sake don’t “upgrade”, and for myself I’m profoundly glad I made the switch to a mac. OSX is soo much nicer than vista.