I have a Nintendo Wii, and so far I have been a little frustrated by the variety of games available, but perhaps the tide is starting to turn.

I intend to acquire Super mario galaxy and Simsons game, to compliment Hit and run from the gamecube.

Recently I also saw that a game called Destroy all Humans that had previously been available only for playstation has come out in it’s latest iteration for the Wii as well, and I’m keen to try it out.

And today I also ready that the new Wii specific version of Mario Kart has been released, and there is a Wii version of Mario golf in the works as well.

Happy happy joy joy.

2 thoughts on “Wiiiiii!!”

  1. You should be here Dave, they have most of those out already! It only there wasn’t a zone thingy on Wii’s!

  2. MarioKart for Wii just hit in the US and we have it on the way.
    I loves me some MLB 2K8, it’s fun to have to actually hit and pitch, not just twiddle a stick.

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