The toothening

Charlotte appears to be going through another round of teething and has had the last day and a half off daycare being generally grumpy and drooling everywhere. Today she is a bit happier, but no sign of the offending chompers emerging, and ongoing floods of slobber so I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet.
Yesterday she didn’t even want to eat bananas, although she did still want to check how tasty and chewey the gravel outside was, so she can’t be too bad.
Anyway. Between Charlotte and the show day public holiday today I’ve had a pretty easy week. Far cry from the hecticness of the fitlrst half of the year.

Theories of evolution

For as long as there have been archeologists there has been debate about how fire was first created, however watching Charlotte rubbing and banging things together it all seems pretty obvious to me.
Currently she really just starting to get highly mobile and highly curious, and her scientific repertoire of investigative methods currently contains:
1. Lick it or chew on it
2. Shake it vigorously
3. Drop it
4. Rub it againt something else, or try and smack it and something else together.
This last one provides me with amusing parallels to the scientific process in the game evil genius, where your science minions wander around trying to find things that they can combine to make a new thing out of. Although the depicted process is slightly more involved, it still in essence boils down to smack two things together (and shoot them with your giant laser) and see if they make something new.
So I can completely understand how kids could have rubbed two things together and discovered fire, in every aspect apart from their 7 second attention span…

Anomymous Proximity

One of the wierd things I have noticed with facebook is the way you get this “I wonder whether x ran into y” thought when you see that two of your friends are visiting the same place at the same time. For some reason it doesn’t immediately occur to you that just because you are friends with them doesn’t mean that they actually know each other at all, and are essentially just two strangers who are connected solely by two degrees of David Ramsay (with an obvious nod to Kevin Bacon).
Either way I hope they both enjoyed Darwin…

The day three phenomenon

Well I’ve been back at work for three days after our holiday to the Red Centre (more about that later, hopefully with pictures, if I get organised) and I’ve been reminded of how my brain deals with this.

On day 1 the thought process is “Oh no, I am back at work”.

On day 2 it more like “Actually, it’s quite nice to be back at work”

And on day 3 it’s “I wonder how I can arrage it so that I can get paid all the time, but only go to work if I feel like it…”

(Unfortunately flexible work hours don’t work too well with health care…).