Simone keeps on telling me that because I’m now 30 I’m officially an adult, and with that comes responsibility.

One aspect of this is that we’re saving up some money, in the prospect of possibly buying a house some time this year.

One of the things I find funny about this is that on the one hand the banks want to place all sorts of restrictions on how much money they will give us towards a house, while at the same time constantly sending us offers to up our credit card limit, or even just take out more credit cards. The Australian medical association seem to have lucrative arrangements with the finance industry if the number of offers of AMA branded credit cards are anything to go by. We seem to get a AmEx offer at least once every couple of months. It really becomes a bit tedious, and I also wonder how many people actually take them up on it in order for it to be worth their while to do these huge advertising/fishing mailouts.

Perhaps things will change with the global financial crisis, although it doubt it. (one of my bosses referred to it as the GFC the other day. You know things are getting serious and mainstream when they get their own three letter acronym).


Ever wanted to know if you could use a blender to chop up such things as golf balls, alarm clocks, skis, or glow sticks, and if you could, what would happen?

Well now you need wonder no more


Well for the last three months I have been somewhat absent on this blog.

We have shifted back from Cairns to Brisbane, settled in, started new jobs and new daycares, and generally adjusted to the new two working parents, no free time vibe of things.

Jack likes things here, with a few more back yard trees to climb and hide in than were available in our place in Cairns.

Simone likes her new job, even if it does have her working some slightly silly hours unnervingly frequently. Somehow colons and rectums have captured her interest, and since I can’t explain it, I’ll just leave it well alone. 🙂

Charlotte has taken to daycare without as much as wail or complaint. She arrives and starts playing, eats everything put in front of her, and cozies up with all the staff, giving them the impression that she’s always happy and well behaved. I’m sure it’s all part of some mass manipulation program towards some nefaroius ends, however to date I haven’t found what ends that might be.

I am settled in my new job, but really quite miss Cairns. Simone doesn’t get it, and frequently expresses her confusion at my northern inclinations, but I liked my job in Cairns (by and large, and while my job here is OK, aspects of it serve to illustrate how varied and interesting the work in Cairns actually was, something I didn’t always appreciate at the time), I liked our friends there, I liked the opportunities to go out and do stuff relatively easily in the outdoors, I liked our house (and the availability of and I liked the smaller town feel of the place (I don’t think you can say I’ve ever been a big city boy. I’m not a country lad, but I don’t really enjoy very big cities).

Anyway, we’re back and trying to catch up with everyone as time permits.

Hopefully more entries soon.