Simone keeps on telling me that because I’m now 30 I’m officially an adult, and with that comes responsibility.

One aspect of this is that we’re saving up some money, in the prospect of possibly buying a house some time this year.

One of the things I find funny about this is that on the one hand the banks want to place all sorts of restrictions on how much money they will give us towards a house, while at the same time constantly sending us offers to up our credit card limit, or even just take out more credit cards. The Australian medical association seem to have lucrative arrangements with the finance industry if the number of offers of AMA branded credit cards are anything to go by. We seem to get a AmEx offer at least once every couple of months. It really becomes a bit tedious, and I also wonder how many people actually take them up on it in order for it to be worth their while to do these huge advertising/fishing mailouts.

Perhaps things will change with the global financial crisis, although it doubt it. (one of my bosses referred to it as the GFC the other day. You know things are getting serious and mainstream when they get their own three letter acronym).