Well for the last three months I have been somewhat absent on this blog.

We have shifted back from Cairns to Brisbane, settled in, started new jobs and new daycares, and generally adjusted to the new two working parents, no free time vibe of things.

Jack likes things here, with a few more back yard trees to climb and hide in than were available in our place in Cairns.

Simone likes her new job, even if it does have her working some slightly silly hours unnervingly frequently. Somehow colons and rectums have captured her interest, and since I can’t explain it, I’ll just leave it well alone. 🙂

Charlotte has taken to daycare without as much as wail or complaint. She arrives and starts playing, eats everything put in front of her, and cozies up with all the staff, giving them the impression that she’s always happy and well behaved. I’m sure it’s all part of some mass manipulation program towards some nefaroius ends, however to date I haven’t found what ends that might be.

I am settled in my new job, but really quite miss Cairns. Simone doesn’t get it, and frequently expresses her confusion at my northern inclinations, but I liked my job in Cairns (by and large, and while my job here is OK, aspects of it serve to illustrate how varied and interesting the work in Cairns actually was, something I didn’t always appreciate at the time), I liked our friends there, I liked the opportunities to go out and do stuff relatively easily in the outdoors, I liked our house (and the availability of and I liked the smaller town feel of the place (I don’t think you can say I’ve ever been a big city boy. I’m not a country lad, but I don’t really enjoy very big cities).

Anyway, we’re back and trying to catch up with everyone as time permits.

Hopefully more entries soon.


Dear everyone. I haven’t forgotten you. It just seems that recently I have not been finding much exciting to write to you all about.

Simone’s belly is getting bigger, and consequently she is getting quite a bit more tired on average. The paradoxical flip side to the current stage of pregnancy is that despite reporting being regularly exhausted, she has started nesting with a passion, and has gone a fair way to re-organising the whole house. I suppose I can’t entirely comment however, having taken two trips to Bunnings in the last week, and having another one planned for this weekend.

The bump (or the parasite, depending on how generous we are feeling in out referring to it) continues to grow, to kick, to stretch, and occasionally to amuse us by doing unexpected things like hiccuping. Other than that it is, as far as we (and our obstetrician) can tell, doing all the normal things it should be doing.

I am quite enjoying my new job as an orthopaedic registrar, however I am finding it to be quite hard work. The hours are a bit longer than what I’ve done previously, and I’m having to spend most of my free time doing work related things, like presentations, study for exams and courses, and trying to fill the many and varied holes in my knowledge as it relates to the treatment and long term management of orthopaedic problems. Basically I am (in fitting with the old adage about all work and no play) becoming quite a dull boy. Hopefully it will ease up a bit after the current round of courses, but I still have to get some research and an application to the training program sorted, both of which are relatively large tasks.

So anyway. I will try and find things of interest to write about, and share a bit more of what I’m up to (although I will try not to talk too much about work, as I’m sure you all find it rather dull).

Sir Ed

It’s funny how much Ed Hillary became such an unassuming yet indispensible part of the psyche of the New Zealand people, such that having never met the man I still feel like I knew him, and feel…  I think disappointed is probably the best word, that he has died. It would have been nice to have him around forever, no matter how naive that sentament may be.

He was one of those people who everyone is aware of, most people like because of their humble demeanour coupled with selfless good deeds, and who has left a disproportionately large gulf when they finally died.

I think most people if you asked them would say that to New Zealanders Sir Ed was kind of like the fun great uncle that you seldom saw but when they showed up always had a grin, and good story, and a sturdy knee to bounce on, and who was thought of fondly when they were away.

So unfortunately now there is not much to do apart from smiling at his life, and continuing to think of him fondly.

General update

As you will probably have gathered from my previous post about Jack’s hectic life recently, we have been a bit busy.

Simone finished her six months at Nabour just before christmas with no particular desire to return there any time soon (there may or may not have been some hand based gestures in the general direction of the hospital as she packed up her car and drove off down the road).

We then spent 2 weeks over christmas in NZ visiting my family, and seeing my beloved wellington again. It ended up being quite abusy holiday and there wasn’t quite as much general relaxing as we might have liked.

My parents’ cat died late last year, and so it was a bit sad and unusual having christmas without a cat (it’s kind of a family tradition that all the wrapping paper goes in a pile on the floor that the cat can then play in).

After that we returned to Brisbane to pack up our stuff and move house. I had to return to work, but Simone had the last week off on holidays still and so she packed our house (well, read her book while the guys paid for by the hospital packed our house) and then flew up to Cairns to find a house for us to live in.

She found us a good one, and at the end of the week I too flew up to Cairns and we moved into our house.

Due to the fact that there are a number of new housing estates being built about 20 minutes out or central cairns there were a lot of 4 bedroom houses for rent at similar or cheaper prices than smaller places slightly closer to town, so we ended up getting a house which realistically is spectacularly too big for our actual needs, but it damn comfortable all the same.

It also means that if anyone is passing through Cairns and needs a place to stay we again have a spare room with a double bed and air conditioning in it.

Following that we both started work. The hospital itself seems really nice and laid back (although we have already found that the admin seems to be a bit more disorganised than previous hospitals we’ve worked at (if that’s even possible)).

We haven’t had much chance to get out and do much in Cairns or it’s surrounds yet due to house unpacking and Simone being on call last weeked, but I can already see that I’m going to have a great time here in winter exploring the surrounding rain forests etc (at the moment you’re hard pressed to get me out the door – I step outside, start immediately perspiring, mutter something along the lines of “Ooof. It’s hot” and head back to the air conditioning).

So that’s what’s up with us. I should have regular internet access again in about a week, so hopefully I will begin updating this regularly after that.