(V)ice cool baby

About a week back, on a bit of a whim (and because it was really quite cheap), I bought the first season of Miami Vice.

It’s Classic. It just exudes cool, even with almost 20 years under it’s belt.

  • The main character lives on a boat
  • Said boat is guarded by a pet alligator (called Elvis) with a personality
  • They seem to travel everywhere by convertible or pencil boat (long thin speed boat classically used to run drugs)
  • The chicks are hot (if you ignore the higher than modern day density of Lycra)
  • The dialog is witty
  • The characters have issues, and histories, and inner demons, and other plot devices that give them actual depth
  • And….
  • Everywhere they go they have a kick ass smokin soundtrack

I love it. I saw the movie recently, and the TV series just walks all over it. Two big thumbs up so far.

Winston Peters = Diplomacy… WTF???

I was watching the news this evening and they were talking about the threatened Coup in Fiji (which is also a concept that seems a bit odd to me. The notion of taking over the country by surprise and seizing power seems to kind of lack something if everyone knows it’s coming weeks ahead of time).

They were talking about the talks run in NZ today to try and avert the crisis, and at the end they showed Winston Peters (subtitled as “New Zealand Foreign Minister”, which is another thing I still haven’t gotten used to) talking about the diplomatic solution that was being worked on. It all seemed incongruous.

Maybe it’s just me but I have a had time associating Winston Peters with the word “Diplomatic”. “Winebox” maybe. “Barfight” certainly, but the idea of Winston as Statesman still seems just a little too much of a stretch for me.

Still, I suppose if he’s getting results I guess we can’t complain. He’s certainly appears to be doing a damn sight more than his Australian counterpart who’s helpful input to date seems to have consisted of alternating between “Australians, don’t go to Fiji” and “Fijians, tut tut tut” (accompanied by the appropriate stern parental finger waggling gestures).

Jack Jack Attack

(this title from the amusing mini-movie on the DVD of The Incredibles, and my friend Chantelle’s favorite instructions to my cat)

I’ve just put up another video of Jack. It’s about 3mb, and shows how Jack has gotten all big and grown up.