Joining the jetset

Now many of you will be familiar with the high esteem in which I hold my home town of Wellington, and will have sat patiently through my extended rantings about its merits and virtues, and this post I’m afraid will probably be more on that theme.
One of my good old high school friends (I should probably clarify that I mean good old friend, rather than good old school) is getting married this weekend, and so I am doing something which seems at the same time fun and financially inadvisable (the phrase “fiscally blasphemous” keeps appearing in my head, but I don’t think it’s an accurate use of that word, and the other option of “anathema” seems too strong), namely flying to Wellington just for the weekend. Initially I was concerned that it may be quite an expensive exercise, but it actually ended up not being too pricey, however it may be setting a rather bad precident, as I do so love being in Wellington that I may well feel inclined to do this more frequently in years to come.
I may find myself tempted to pop over to go to fidel’s, or to ride the cable car, or see Te Papa, or… well you get the idea. Bad precident…