I remember in the early days of writable CDs, and all the doom mongers in the computer magazines going on about how writable CDs would be an unstable and unreliable form of data storage, and that they would crack and warp and loose data and… well the list went on ad nauesum.

Well at the time, and in the intervening years, I maintained my skepticism on the issue, having never really had any data loss or CD problems that could be attributed to anything other than user stupidity (I’ve had several CDs scratched to the point of unusability, lost several, and accidentally thrown a couple out). This changed today however, when I opened one of my CD wallets and found that one of the CDs which I hadn’t looked at in probably a year, had essentially delaminated. It was really weird. The top level had basically lifted off the disk.

Doesn’t really matter though, as the stuff on the CD was just an old backup, but it was still interesting to see this theory in practice.