In the last few weeks I have been suffering from quite frequent bouts of inexplicable sentimentally and nostalgia (particularly great word that, from the Greek Nostos, “Return home”, and algos, “Pain”, so literally “the pain of returning home”) in relation to my time in Dunedin when I was doing my first degree in biochemistry.

Firstly, while re-exploring the Otago university website I found a bunch of great semi-abstract, very memory provoking photos which change to something new every time you reload the page (go to the site, let it load, then hit the F5 key and see what I mean).

Then I specifically went looking, and found some more galleries of photos from around otago, which of course only exacerbated the problem.

Then today, while looking for some long lost friends, I found my way to the Knox College site, which was the hall of residence I lived in for the first two years of my university life. On it there was all manner of great stuff, but I particuarly liked the Garden party page and the page entitled Four Seasons at Knox, which has some great photos of the college covered in snow. Man does that bring back some superb memories.

I also just found a page with links to a number of webcams located around the city (although by and large I couldn’t see much (given that it’s 1:15am there at the moment).

Anyway, it’s funny how you can look back on a period that clearly had some pretty significant shortcomings (most obviously being freaken’ cold, because it was snowing) and still think it was pleasant and memory worthy.