Runny Honey

I have noticed (much to my disappointment) that in australian supermarkets you can only get runny honey. Now you australians out there may be going “What on earth is he on about? All honey is liquid isn’t it?”, but growning up in New Zealand most of the honey in the shops (and indeed this is still true today) was varying degrees of semi firm, and you spread it with a knife (as opposed to pouring it). Simone seems to think that it is a function of the degree of purity of the honey, with liquid honey having been more highly processed to remove more of the wax from the honey comb (which seems a reasonably theory, but seems to imply that she thinks Australian honey is better because it is more “pure”…). Whether this is true or not I wonder why you can only get the one variety here, as opposed to NZ where you can purchse either, as you personal preference dictates.