Odd Socks

This morning I went through my normal routine, packing my bag with my clinical clothes in it, jumping on my bike, and headed off to the hospital.

Once there I discovered the problem.

One of the upsides (or downsides) of living together as a couple of professionals is that there are a lot of plain black socks floating around our house. They usually live in appropriately matched pairs in our respective sock drawers, but occasionally they try and cohabit (my socks ending up in Simone’s drawer is the most common variation), and this morning I ran afoul of a new variant I had not run into previously:

My socks are generally the standard style low calf black mens’ socks, while Simone has a variety of styles, and what I found when I went to get changed at the hospital was that the pair of socks I had grabbed from my draw contained one of my normal socks, and one of Simone’s high calf length socks. I had little choice but to wear the mismatched socks, but it felt awfully weird with one calf being squeezed all day, and the other not. Also the long sock caused my trousers to ride up slightly on the long sock side, which also felt quite peculiar.