Three good things to do on your wedding day

While of course the aim of your wedding day should be to get successfully married, I have found on the way today three other things which have been fun and exciting and which have each added to the day:

  1. Play a quick 18 (mini golf that is) – This actually worked out to be a great way to both fill in a few hours in the morning while the girls were getting their hair/nails/lips/faces/etc… done, and also to discover that your 3 year old nephew may be the next Tiger Woods.
  2. Change a tire – On the way up to our pre-wedding lunch at the pub my best man’s hire car basically exploded it’s tire, and after getting a little confused as to why he had stopped following us, we turned around and went and changed their tire for them. To give them credit they had already started changing it themselves, but were making slightly slow work of it as they had not seen the particular style of jack before, and so were using it wrong. Anyway, it turned out to be a great way to show off my technical skills a bit, and work up a good appetite for a beer in the process. Good thing we then went straight to the pub (do not pass go….)
  3. File a lawsuit – This final item arose once we arrived at the pub and started reading the paper I had bought that morning. On the front cover was a photo of Sadam in his underwear, which is basically a spectacular breach of the Geneva conventions and international law. As such we got all fired up and decided that we were going to have a talk to some people and try and take the paper to court. I have yet to hear how things went in this, but if/when things happen be certain that I will let you know.

From there the wedding happened and everything went was it was supposed to, but the three things still added invaluable spice to the lead up.