The risks attendant on reminiscence

As some of you will have seen, I have all my photos scanned and sorted on my computer (all of them.. every one I have ever taken… not that I’m obsessive compulsive or a digital magpie (mmm shiny) or anything), and occasionally I go for a wander through them generally, or go looking for something specific (the photos of me as a teenager with long hair seems to be a popular request, even though I really do look butt ugly in them…), however there is always a problem. Namely I find myself randomly perusing through the collection sighing a lot and thinking how I miss the “Good old days”. Of course I know intellectually that the good old days had more that perhaps their fair share of crap components, but I still fall into the common human trap of selective reminiscence, and so whenever I go in a short search for a photo I invariably end up taking a rather time consuming amble down memory lane.