Feeling alive, realising you are dead

Today we had the day off, thanks to the Exhibition show day holiday.

This coincided nicely with one of my old friends from my college days being back in town from her PhD in Scotland, and so we decided to catch up for a bit of coffee.

A few of her other friends came along too, and what had started as a cup of coffee became three hours of exhuberant chin wagging.

When we finished up there Simone and I wandered up the road to a non-mainstream book store, where I browsed books about alternative history, environmentally sound house design, art history and… well you get the idea.

Upon arriving home I realised that for the first time in weeks I had not been thinking about my exams and instead was raving about the exciting things I’d read, the discussions I’d had, and the ideas that both of these had spawned in my head. In summary I was buzzing and I felt vibrant and alive.

The sad realisation that accompanied this however was that thanks to the self-imposted limitations that my studies had placed on my life this was what I was missing out on while I was stitting at home and studying, and worse than feeling depressed, simply feeling nothing at all.

I hope that once the exams are over I will find myself with more opportunities like this to feel vibrant again.

I don’t know how much I could stand travelling through life feeling nothing at all…