Head ornamentation

I appear to have developed something of a hat obsession.

I blame phil for this.

Well it’s not entirely Phil’s fault. It’s more to do with my hair falling out and reducing the amount of brain insulation I have.

Earlier this winter I began to really feel the cold on my head, and decided that I needed a hat, and after some umming and arrring (no, not the pirate kind) I decided that what I really needed was a beret. I liked the style, and from previous experience I knew that it looked good on me. The only problem lay in actually acquiring one. For weeks we looked around all the expected haunts and came up empty. Nobody in Brisbane seemed to have berets or know anywhere that did have them.

A couple of weeks after I had pretty much given up finding my beret in Brisbane Simone had to go to Melbourne for an interview and so I went along for the weekend.

While I was down there I caught up with my friend Phil, and I found a hat shop. I bought my beret, and Phil almost bought a fedora for himself, and then we spent the rest of tha day on and off talking about how cool hats were.

The unfortunate things is that having spent so much time looking in hat shops I have now found a whole world of hats that I want. I want a panama for summer. I want a fedora for my suit in winter. I want that other funky little hat in DJs for social occasions. It really does begin to seem silly, but then again I suppose most obsessions are.