On and off for the last few weeks I have been playing a game called FreeOrion, which is a community written open source game based roughly on the Master of Orion style. It’s a great game, but since it’s still relatively early in FreeOrion’s development the game has an irritating tendancy to crash right when you’re getting into it.

Now at present there are only two ways to get the game:

  1. You can download a pre-compiled older version of the game (Version 0.2), which is what I initially did, and have found it to be quite crashy, or
  2. Download the source code and some other software and compile the latest version of the game yourself.

Now I really quite like the game, but have never compiled something like this before, and am torn between on the one hand desire for the game, and on the other hand a bizarre combination of apathy, trepidation and fear of the unknown.

I’m sure that I will eventually bite the bullet and figure out how to compile it, it would be so much easier if they would just do it for me…