That new computer smell

I have finally gotten my new computer. Yay. It’s so fast and shiny!!!

I picked it up friday afternoon, missed out on playing with it yesterday as I ended up doing an unexpected additional ED shift until 10pm, and plan on spending almost all today ensconsed infront of it’s softly glowing screen happily emersed in mindless tinkering.

I have to copy all my files and settings from my old computer onto my new computer, then copy all simone’s stuff from her computer onto my old one so that she can have it, and then set up Simone’s old computer for her parents to have. I don’t remember the last time I’ve gotten to do this much under the hood computer tinkering, and I certainly don’t remember when I last (if ever) set up 3 computers in one day.

I’m going to be like a pig in mud!!!