One season in one day

Last weeks I continued my first pay year trend of recklessly impulse buying DVDs that catch my eye, and bought online the first season of a british drama that I had seen half an episode of on TV about a year ago.

And as with my previous impulse buys I have not regretted it at all.

Well almost not at all.

You see British TV being what it is, the episodes are really high quality, but you only get 6 episodes per season (as opposed to American TV where you get twenty-something episodes a season, but half of them are crap, and the other half vary between tolerable and possibly rewatchable).

As such the problem arises that when you sit down with a season on DVD you end up watching the entire season in one go (as I did yesterday), and then you lamenting the fact that you don’t have any more to watch.

….maybe I can import the next season or two from the UK..