A better cat trap

When I was a chhild I had a book entitled “My cat likes to hide in boxes”. According to the book, the cat from france likes to sing and dance, but my cat likes to hide in boxes.

Now in reality, the cat from spain flies an aeroplane, and my cat (Jack) likes to jump into our laundry hamper whenever we leave the top up. The amusing thing about this is that he always does it in a fashion that causes the lid to drop shut, thus trapping himself inside. The hamper itself is a pretty light and airy wicker affair (a feature which is aided by Jack’s pre-existing love of using it as a scratching post), so Jack doesn’t seem terribly concerned by getting trapped it in, he just can’t manage to extricate himself.

Although I can’t be sure of what it might be yet, I’m sure there will come a time when my newly discovered “Better Cat Trap” will come in useful (perhaps when we need to take him to the vet), but in the interim it will just have to remain a source of sporadic amusement.