Jumping Jack flash

It seems that Jack has (finally) realised that he is capable of jumping up onto the kitchen bench.

It has always somewhat amused me that while Jack has grown into quite a large cat he has, up until now, seemed to operated on the assumption that he simply wasn’t capable of jumping as high as the bench, so he simply didn’t try.

Then last night he was chasing a moth around the house and it flew above the bench and without thinking Jack followed it up. Then he kind of paused on the bench, looked back at the floor, and you could almost hear him think “Whoa… I never knew I could do that. That was cool.. and this could be useful.. hmmm”.

Then this afternoon when I got home Jack had obviously been practicing all day, because he made sure I was watching, and sauntered slowly over to the kitchen, paused, and jumped up onto the bench, as if to say “Aren’t I clever. Look what I can do”.

And he is clever, but perhaps we shouldn’t be encouraging him to be clever in the area of jumping onto benches.

One thought on “Jumping Jack flash”

  1. I love your insight to this… the whole what Jack was thinking thing. 🙂

    Awww! Cute! (Kawahi!)

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