Foolish things to do with cordial

A few weeks back I did something rather stupid.

I was drinking a glass of cordial and put it down on my desk as I was playing on my computer.

Jack being his usual rumbunctious self jumped up onto the desk, and started sniffing my cordial with a view to drinking it (he likes human drinks, but thankfully hasn’t figured out how to get into the grog cupboard yet).

Simone trying to be helpful shifted the drink closer to me so that I could stop Jack from drinking it, and somewhere in the subsequent confusion Jack moved, I reacted, and the cordial spilled onto my computer’s keyboard.

Now in the past I had heard stories about people drying their keyboards and continuing without any problems, but that didn’t seem to work.

Then I recalled some-one who swore that they had washed their keyboard and hung it out to dry, and had it back working the next day. Obviously they didn’t have a laptop keyboard, because that didn’t work either.

In the end I just had to bite the bullet and buy a replacement keyboard.

Turned out to be the most expensive cup of cordial I’ve ever had.

Anyway, for everyone’s amusement, here is a pretty picture of my keyboard in the bathroom sink. Kids, don’t try this without asking your parents first.


2 thoughts on “Foolish things to do with cordial”

  1. lol!
    You do know the same sort of thing happened to Rob?
    Except his was Coke and that destroyed his laptop, but thankfully this caused Rob to join the Mac force!

  2. Not a fully accurate comment from Neil. Rob through himself on the mercy of the University Electrical Engineering department technicians who helped him clean the motherboard and keyboard with copious iso propyl alcohol (?) after the Laptop Company told him the laptop was a write oiff. Neil informs me that they did not succeed in saving the CMOS battery so each time his main battery ran flat he had to reinput his settings – hardly a big drama.

    It was a couple of years latter before Rob was persuaded that investing in a cool silver Mac laptop was not an excessive extravagance given it is a tool of his trade – though I suspect it is largely a device for storing accessing and playing music.

    Must keep the record straight!.

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