My girl the rev head

About a month back we were flicking channels on a saturday night, and there wasn’t much on, and we found Top Gear was on. Now I essentially had the TV on as some background noise while I did other things, but Simone rather took to the show and has subsequently watched it most saturdays.

It’s not because she goes out of the way to watch it, or that she has any particular fascination of cars, but she enjoys their tendency to not take things too seriously, with things like playing soccer in cars, and racing a car and an aeroplane from Italy to England, coupled with the rather dry wit of the presenters.

I have to admit that I too quite enjoy watching it (and am always astonished by the variety of introductions they come up with for their test driver), but it’s just a bit more unexpected that Simone would get into it.

Guess there’s still plenty of stuff to learn about my girl 🙂