Caffeine, panadol, and the 4am breakfast

Well I’m back in ED and back working the overnight shift again for a week.

I actually came up with the title for this entry last year when I found myself surviving my overnight stints in ED with a combination of (carbonated) caffeine to stay perky, regular panadol to stave off the inevitable headache, and wierd eating habits, particularly having dinner at 9 or 10pm just before you go to work, and breakfast at 3 or 4am when you get peckish.

Tonight we managed to get all our patients sorted out by about 3am, so since then we’ve been in the unusual situation of finalising the last few extra-for-experts jobs on our remaining patients, chatting about the kinds of incessant crap that you talk about at 3am, and reading novels/trashy magazines/new scientists (depending whether you’re the intern, the head nurse, or myself (respectively)).

Luckily (or unlickily depending on how you look at it) the sun is starting to think about peeking it’s head up as I am writing this, and that means that it’s not too long until the morning staff come on and we can go home, but also not long before everyone starts waking up and realising that they’re sore/sick/bored and need to come up to the hospital.

That’s probably enough early morning incoherence for the moment.