Quite clearly insane

Last week while I was doing nights we had a few mornings where everything got under control at about 5am, leaving us with a few hours to tidy up loose ends and get ready for the 7am rush (“I’ve just woken up and my hurts”).

On one of those mornings I wandered out into the ambulance parking and out to the road. The Cairns Hospital looks out across the bay, and so it was rather a pretty moment, with the sun rising, the cool wind blowing gently, and the birds singing from the many trees nearby.

With all the natural beautyƂ it took me a while to recognise the insanity also present in the scene: Dozens of people were up and taking brisk morning walks alone the shore front.

Now I was up at 6am because I was rostered and paid to be. They were up and active voluntarily.

Quite clearly they were insane. Pity there were no beds available in our mental health unit…