Where are my harsh chemicals?

I went shopping the other day for some shower cleaner, as the stuff we currently use seems to no longer be doing it’s job (it is a little old, so perhaps that’s the reason). Anyway, I got to the cleaning products isle and started looking.

Almost universally the bottles seemed to have (somewhere on their label) the claim that they contained “No harsh chemicals”, and I was miffed! I had stubborn grime (it’s actually not as bad as that, but seeing as that is the terminology that also seemed to appear on just about every bottle I though I should use it here too) to deal with, and dammit if I didn’t want those harsh chemicals so that I knew that the job was being done right.

One bottle even had the nerve to suggest (right below the bit about not containing harsh chemicals) that I should apply the product to the shower/bath surface daily for a fornight and at the end of said fortnight I would have a good-as-new shiny clean shower/bath. TWO WEEKS??? What are they thinking? I want to clean the shower once every 2 weeks, not every day for two weeks, and I want to know that it’s being done properly: hence the search for the good old fashioned caustic chemicals. Frankly I don’t care if I come out with chlorine’d red eyes, and immaculately sterile drain pipes (it goes to the treatment plant anyway, where it will be broken down).

Am I the only one who feels like this?