And red cells for all!

Well I’ve just finished my week relieving on the Haemotology and Oncology team, and have become quite blase about dealing with patients with no blood.

Hb 90? sure, I’ll organise a transfusion (although only 90… that’s not trying very hard). Hb 50? Better make that 4 units. Platelets of 13? That’s better than yesterday, but I suppose we’d better give you some irradiated platelets anyway. White cell count of 2? Well you’re fine to go home! Nausea post chemo? Lets start with 8 of ondansatron and go from there.

Before you do it you think that these patients are REALLY sick and delicate. Afterwards it just seems like another group of people who require amusing while nature (and chemo) cure/hold off the disease.