In a fit of profound cleverness (in the “who would have thought of that” department) a photocopier has been invented by Fuji that will copy a page in Japanese, translate it into English, and put the English words on the page in the place of the Japanese ones in the final printout (or English to Japanese if you desire. Unbelievable. Still, I imagine it could create some particularly humorous nonsense sentences when they machine puts the literal translation in but can’t compensate for syntax or meaning.

Also, gotta love those Estonians. Having already tried an internet based national election, they are now moving on to plans for and election where people vote using their mobile phones. Given the amount of info you need to hand over to get a mobile contract, and the fact that the SIM ID is a unique identifier it seems like a pretty clever idea (and one which appeals to both my nerdish and my politically vacal tendencies.