Having finished Harry Potter I am finding myself ruminating a lot over it.

Part of it is the usual feeling of hollow sadness that I get after any book/TV/movie series that I have become particularly engrossed in comes to an end, the same feeling I get when I loose a friend because one or other of us moves away to continue our lives. I feel sad because I know I am going to miss their company.

Part of it also seems to stem from the fact that so many of the characters I have come to know and love end up dying, and while I won’t spoil the details for those who have not read it, it becomes a little overwhelming towards the end as so many end up dying sad and slightly futile deaths.

Ultimately I think a lot of it boils down to the fact that I kind of wish I too could do magic (and as much as I try and convince myself that some of the stuff I do at work is, in the grand scheme of things, pretty damn amazing, it’s somehow not in the same league as Patronuses and expeliarmus) and it frustrates me a bit that after getting so immersed in the Harry Potter universe for the last few days I have to return to my at the moment rather mundane life. <Sigh>