Secret society

It’s like some kind of dirty little secret.

I was over at a party on saturday with some people from work (it was a ripper of a party, but I was working the following morning, so couldn’t get into it as much as perhaps I would have), and noted that they had the box set of West Wing under their TV. Turns out they are also huge fans (although unfortunately they’re more of the myriad mindless drones who think that Josh is the best character….) and I found yet more people who share my shameful love of intelligent political drama with substance and nuance and subtlety. Seems that they’re everywhere if you look hard enough, just usually not openly advertised. Something of a secret society of linguophiles and intelligencia joined by the common thread of Aaron Sorkin (and if you haven’t seen Charlie Wilson’s War yet you should do so. Now. Get a baby sitter. It’s on at a theatre somewhere near you right now. I’m sure).

One thought on “Secret society”

  1. What’s wrong with the character of Josh? Brad Whitford does a good job, though admittedly he couldn’t shake the character for Studio 60 (much like Sports Night it was a Sorkin show too smart for TV consumers at the time).
    Sure he wasn’t as sarcastic as Toby or as charmingly clueless as Sam but he was still a decent character.

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