Functional decline

This week Simone and Charlotte are in Brisbane seeing Simone’s parents and brother and sister in law.
As such Jack and I are reverting to the bachelor lifestyle (when I actually make it home from work with enough time to do anything other than just have dinner and go to bed).

Part of that has involved going out and renting DVDs, a thing which I don’t seem to have had time to do in ages, and since I’m on my own I’m getting some that Simone would not normally want to watch (namely 300 and (strangely) Evan Almighty).

Having watched 300 I was somewhat disappointed. I suppose that so many people had raved about it that perhaps I went into it with expectations. Anyhow, it was pretty to watch, but I already knew the basis of the story (from greek history/mythology), and so there wasn’t much surprise, and I found the voice over really irritating.

Anyway, as a result I suppose that I will no longer be able to perform certain household tasks. Ah well..