Have patience my son

Even for me, who is usually pretty good at taking the long view (reference how long it took me to get into med), this has been quite an effort.

Last year I decided that I wanted a digital SLR.

I wanted a Canon.

I liked the 30D, which had been out for a year or so but there were a few features that it didn’t have that I wanted (Dust reduction being the prime one). They’ll release a successor with that feature soon I thought to myself. Won’t they? Surely??

Almost 15 months of “maybe they’ll release it soon” later they’ve finally released the 40D, which has all the extra features I wanted, plus several that I wasn’t looking for, but which were cool anyway.

Now all I have to do is figure when is going to be the best time to buy one (duty free in NZ maybe?).

Stubbornness wins again!