You can say it

The case of Dr Hanif continues to show how nasty and stubborn and pig headed the current government is, and continues it’s so far predictable course. I love it.

First one court says there were no charges to answer despite the government’s assurances of “just trust us” (yeah, as if)…

Now another court said that (as I initially asserted would be the case) immigration minister Kevin Andrews made a mistake and should not have cancelled Dr Hanif’s visa.

And yet Kevin Andrews continues to stubbornly insist that he was right and everyone else was wrong, and his mates John howard and Phil Downer (foreign minister) keep on doggedly insisting that Kevin is right, and that we should just trust them because they have “classified” information that we don’t need to know about but which support their side of things.

It seems that they can’t admit that they were wrong, and that the historical treatment of aboriginals is not the only thing they are not man enough to say they’re sorry about.